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Other tips:

More full figured mothers should come in around 28-35 weeks (3D/4D only-not gender determination).

Mom's with Twins should come in 16-18 weeks to attempt to photograph them together and before 27 weeks for full development

Developmental Chart

What stage of development is the best for having a 3D/4D session? Great question and every mother has her own opinion, however use this chart below to choose what stage or stages you want to have done. There is always "give and take" at each stage of development, but they are all beautiful. That's why many families come more than once.

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23-26 weeks: Baby’s facial features are starting to be defined and you can see more of the baby at once.

27-32 weeks: This is a good time for your second 3D ultrasound or if you’re only going to come in for one session during your pregnancy. Baby’s facial features are more defined and the baby still has room to move around. However, because baby is getting larger, you won’t see quite as much of him/her at once as you would earlier.

33-36 weeks: A great time for beautiful facial shots IF baby “cooperates”. Please be aware that increased crowding in the womb does make it more challenging to get specific pictures.